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Great Teachers

Another characteristic that influences us as a successful school includes creating ample time to learn, employment of high-quality teachers who have the expertise and are committed to their jobs as well as parental trust in our efficiency as in delivering high-quality standards.

Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence and aim to achieve high goals and this applies to the teaching staff as well. The teaching profession always involves ongoing learning.

Opportunities are provided for the teachers through the provision of training programs supplied by both external and internal trainers to empower themselves, develop and practice these excellent teaching pedagogies in their classroom teaching programs.

Teachers are given the ample opportunity for development by the management through the development of their skills by observing other teachers, emulating good practices from colleagues, evaluation and target setting, as well as learning in staff meetings and training workshops to offer important information on certain subject areas.

Oxford English School has found creative ways to extend learning time through careful implementation of educational activities that engage students to be more creative such as Go Green, Science Fair, Spelling Bee and Math Challenge which is practiced in the classroom. Furthermore, school is noted for hiring high-quality teachers who tend to be more effective.

We can hire teachers from a high-quality teacher from home and abroad who are very effective. Also, our effectiveness can be seen by the frequency, relevancy, and quality of the teacher professional development offered by the school. Support for these initiatives at our school tends to improve overall teacher quality, regardless of their college of origin.