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Health and Safety

At Oxford English School we have a full time nurse. She is a Pediatric Registered Nurse with many years experience in Doha as a School Nurse. She is following Oxford English School’s Nursing policies and procedures for:

–      students feeling unwell or very unwell at school

–      injured, head-injured and/or neck injured students at school

–      students with ongoing conditions

–      students with minor cut/graze

–      students with sudden acute condition

–      students having emotional problems

–      member of staff unwell or injured at Oxford English School


Nursing policy at Oxford English School


2.  To promote a healthy lifestyle so that students can make informed choices concerning physical, social and psychological health.

3.   To give first aid during sporting/non-sporting events, after accidents or sudden illness, arrange transport and referral to suitable medical support as necessary.

4.   Liaise with parents of students at Oxford English School to plan nursing care needed during the school day to help support the student with medical problems whether long or short term.

5.   Enable students with temporary disability to access lessons with minimal disruption to the students’ education.

6.   Support students who may have difficulties of any kind while at school.

7.   To operate an “open door” policy to attend to students problems as they occur during the school day and during after school activities.

8.   To liaise with teaching staff to ensure that students receive the most appropriate nursing care to support learning.

9.   Provide nursing care or first aid for teaching staff as necessary during the school day.

10. To liaise with other school nurses in Doha to try and set standards of best practice/benchmarking in the school environment .

11. To keep accurate records of nursing care in the form of a nursing log and individual notes for students with specific ongoing needs. To keep an incident report for serious incidents.

12. To strive for continual improvement of existing nursing service.

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