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New ways to learn

Founded in 2009, Oxford English School (OES) began as a small primary school with a curriculum based on British standards within an Islamic framework. Oxford English School (OES) is proud to have been a part of the Gharaffa community for 10 years.

Today, it offers an inspiring and well-rounded international education to students from Preschool to Grade 6. Oxford English School has evolved considerably over the years and has undertaken many ambitious programs of expansion and development. It boasts a school with good facilities. The school maintains its aims and teaching philosophy on par with some of the best international school across the State of Qatar.

The school infrastructure and vibrant environment have really created a warm atmosphere in the community which has attracted people to the school. OES is a haven for students and provides an aesthetically stimulating environment that informs, inspires the whole world school community and fosters happy and motivated children.

We work together with the parents and the whole community to promote the health and well-being of all the students as we believe in the contributions of all our stakeholders in running an effective, efficient and high standard school.

Oxford English School aims to create an imaginative, confident and responsible generation by imparting high-quality student-centered education within a safe caring and supportive environment.

Helping students fulfill their potential in all aspects of their development is our starting point. Students at OES develop a keen sense of self – identity and positive self- esteem. To achieve these goals, the school also employs a unique blend of the National Curriculum of England and Islamic educational programs both aimed at maintaining high standards while meeting the needs of each student by means of a child-centered approach. In this way, the students are directed towards achieving their full potential.

The approach to education is a well-rounded one: to develop the students’ religious/moral values, self-reliance, self-esteem, social skills and their ability to think critically and analytically. The scope of the school program, therefore, is very broad and varied, aimed at developing the skills and interests of the students over a variety of areas.

Academic excellence is achieved through high expectations, strong motivation, a challenging curriculum, constant encouragement, and excellent teaching. The school offers a friendly and imaginative environment where students are encouraged to discover and develop individual talents, whether they are intellectual, creative or sporting.