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Deputy Principal’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rathmatulah wa Barakatuh,

My name is Mr. Malik and I am the Vice Principal for Oxford English School. I have been passionately involved with the education and mentoring of young children and adolescents for over thirty years. I was a voluntary leader in the Irish Scouting Organization in Ireland for over ten years, with the goals of developing the social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional, and spiritual development aspects young people.

For the past twenty three years I have been a teacher, team leader and Vice Principal in the Pre-primary and Primary education of young learners in Ireland, New Zealand and Qatar. I believe that all children are capable and competent and I strive to support the holistic development of each individual child here in OES.  In 2011 I reverted to Islam in New Zealand and my faith as a Muslim guides my principles in all matters where I strive to impart the beauty and tolerance of Islam with all our students daily.

Here at OES our aim is to focus on education and improve our nation by way of a curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant to meet the needs of all children irrelevant of their ability so that they may reach their full potential. It is our aim to ensure that all our pupils have a wide range of learning experiences that challenge, stimulate and promote thinking and learning through a creative curriculum while ensuring a positive and safe school environment.

Our teachers are exceptionally talented, hardworking and dedicated to the education and development of your child. We work collectively and diligently to ensure the development and maintenance of systems and resources that promote an educational practice that is in line with the British Curriculum, SEC Standards and up to date international best practice.

At OES we value open, honest and respectful communication with all, to include students, parents, teachers, administration, as well as the general and educational community at large. Our door is always open and we are always ready to receive and welcome new suggestions that benefit our students educational and learning outcomes and help us to improve our service to our community.

I look forward to meeting you and your child and welcome you to Oxford English School.

Jazak Allah Khair,

Mr. Malik Gaffar

Deputy Principal