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Well-appointed Classrooms

The Learning Environment of Early Years Foundation Stage: The classrooms in the Early Years Foundation Stage department are comfortable and can help the student’s ability to learn and feel safe. The classrooms are relatively spacious, well ventilated and lit. Areas are provided so group work can easily be organized. There are stations set up where students can choose activities independently or in groups. Activities are well structured to help the students make significant progress in their learning. The furniture and the décor are colourful and age-appropriate. There are phonics, word and number display to model learning. Students’ work is on display and is constantly changing. Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms are designed to create a variety of experiences and opportunities for a young learner.

Key Stage 1: We generate more dynamic spaces in our classrooms. The lighting, the amount of sunlight, the colour of the walls and tiled floors make the environment well ventilated and bright. The arrangements of colourful tables and chairs keep the children more energetic, organized and comfortable. Bathrooms are easily accessible to students, either inside the classrooms or adjacent to the classroom. Mixed-gender classes have separate bathrooms for boys and girls. Most of the classrooms have spacious classrooms where the students can comfortably store their bags which assure the safety of their belongings. There are a number of bulletin boards to display students work with different topics. The fire evacuation plan and emergency procedures are displayed outside as well as inside the classrooms. Year 1 and 2 classes are well organized with different learning corners and enriched with resources. Key Stage 2 classrooms are safe, and consideration has been taken for the comfort of students. Our classrooms offer the students the ability to learn and be more productive.

Key Stage 2: Year 3-6 have their own individual desks. The arrangement of these can be changed as necessary so that different activities and class groupings can be catered for effectively. The classes have enough sunlight and lightening the windows is covered with colourful curtains as they are needed when using smartboards. Most classrooms have attached bathrooms. If the classes are mixed, they have two separate toilets, one for the girls and one for the boys. Some classes have attached rooms that can be used for extra activities.

These classes also have wall displays that include static displays, as well as children’s work in all subjects’ areas. Many classes have reading or relaxing corners.

All Key stage 1 and 2 classes have both smartboards as well as whiteboards. All the buildings’ stairs and halls are decorated with the students’ work and their classroom displays. These are constantly changing and are appreciated by parents, students, and staff.

Year 1-6 is the primary stage and consist of: Key Stage 1-(5-6 years old) and Year 2 (6-7 years old): Key Stage 2- Year 3 (7-8 years old), Year 4 (8-9 years old) Year 5 – (9-10 years old) and Year 6 – (10-11 years old) children are in classes from 7 am to 1:15 pm.