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School Community Partnership

Oxford English School realizes the importance of the community to the successful operations of the school as well as the need for parental involvement in the running of the school.

Parent-school-community partnerships are a shared responsibility at Oxford English School and a reciprocal process.  Oxford English School engages families in meaningful and culturally appropriate activities and families take initiative to actively supporting their children’s development and learning.

Parent Teacher Association

Oxford English school strives to develop a viable and collegial Parent-Teacher-School relationship through the PTA. Each year parents are requested to join and take part in various activities and events that will enhance the relationship between the Parent – school – community partnership. PTA meetings are held once a term in the school year.

Parent/Teacher Report Meetings

We value our community and parental involvement because school partnerships play a vital role in our decision making and accountability, as well as support school planning, and innovations to improve student success and school climate. Educating children and youth is an important and shared responsibility as recognized by OES.

Parents and teachers have a common goal which is to facilitate the best educational experience possible for students. When parents and teachers work together, and the parents are involved in decision-making exercises at the school, they can work together towards the common goal of the school which is raising up students who are creative and critical thinkers.  We realize that the great majority of home/school crises are a direct result of poor communication. It is on this basis we build strong relationships between parents.

Parent Surveys

We send parents varied questionnaires to ask them of their opinions and suggestions as well as invite them to events that take place in the school either in person or online.

Our parents have been very supportive and have contributed immensely from helping their children complete given projects and homework to attending school programs such as the Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Go Green, International Day, National Day, The Parent Teachers Meeting and the Parents Forum to mention but a few.

Oxford English School has varied ways of passing along the information to the parents. This includes but not limited to Short Messaging Systems, calling their numbers, using the notice board, WhatsApp Messages, Communication book as well as Parents Teachers Meeting and the school’s management system that allows communication and the dissimulation of information. The use of questionnaires and surveys is also one of the methods used by the school to get feedback from the parents on our schools’ events.