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Deputy Principal’s Message

Peace be upon you and God mercy and blessings.

Through my skills and experienced acquired from various educational institutions such as Bakht Al Ridda School in Sudan and Juba University, faculty of Arts in South Sudan, Jastiston primary school, Chesterton primary school and Elays Network afterschool club in the United Kingdom. It is clear that education is a vital element for human evolvement, “In the field of education, there is always a great responsibility for those working in the field’.

In our administration along with our teaching staff, we put our best efforts forward to realise the goals, vision and mission of Oxford English School; focusing on education to develop our nation.

In order to strengthen these goals, we use modern teaching methods that make our students the centrepiece of the teaching process. This helps to enable the students to initiate, analyse and consolidate their learning, so that they are able to express opinions in a critical, investigatory and scientific way, which has increased their motivation and desire to learn to develop and improve their skills.

We also encourage and organise courses and workshops with parents, external trainers and the wider community to keep up to date with the changes in education to ensure we are always teaching and learning relevantly.

Finally, I am excited and dedicated to see the future of the nation that grows day by day with our growing and amazing school through our dear children.