Open hours: 7:00 AM-2:00 PM Sun-Thurs


Oxford English School provides transport to certain areas of the State of Qatar. All school buses are comfortable and monitored by a bus assistant. Please see the School’s Registration Department for more information and the availability of school transport.


General Rules:

  1. Students and bus assistants should ALWAYS walk 10 feet in front of the bus, NEVER behind the bus.
  2. Students should ALWAYS be at least 5 big steps away from the side of the bus while waiting for the bus or immediately after disembarking.
  3. If a student drops something, they should tell the bus driver and NEVER try to pick it up.
  4. Students and bus assistants should NEVER run to catch the bus.
  5. The bus is not allowed to operate without the bus assistant. If an assistant is absent, she needs to inform the school at least one day prior so that another bus assistant can be arranged. 

Getting on the Bus:

  1. The driver should park the bus at the front of the student’s house so that the student does not need to cross the road (UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST THE BUS BE PARKED ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD).

– Students should stay at the designated spot (usually a safe place, away from traffic), until the bus stops and the driver signals that it is safe for the assistant to go and collect the student.

– When the driver signals that it is safe to come, the bus assistant will get down from the bus to accompany the student. The bus assistant and the students should first check for other road users and/or traffic. (Many students are killed or seriously injured by motorists illegally passing a stopping school bus). The assistant, driver and student are to check for traffic in both directions LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT.

-As the bus assistant and the student get onto the school bus, they should watch the driver. If you can see the driver, the driver can see the student.

  1. Students should board the bus using the handrail.
  2. Students should move towards the rear quickly without pushing or crowding.

Note: if the bus is not filled to capacity, students should sit in the middle of the bus – it is the safest place.

  1. Students should sit down quickly.
  2. The bus driver is not allowed to move without ensuring that all passengers are seated on the bus and the door is closed. 

Getting off the Bus:

  1. Students should stay seated until the bus has come to a complete halt.
  2. The bus driver will signal to the bus assistant when it is safe to open the door.
  3. The bus assistant should open the door and disembark with the student.
  4. The student should not push or play while disembarking.
  5. The student should use the handrails to avoid falls.
  • Students should watch that straps, drawstrings and clothing do not get caught in the handrail of the door.
  1. The bus assistant and the student should look back towards the rear of the bus before they step off the bus.
  • Looking towards the rear of the bus is to ensure that there is no danger approaching.
  1. The bus assistant and the student should move swiftly away from the bus by 10 feet.
  2. If the student has to cross the road to get home (ONLY in exceptional circumstances, such as ‘no parking’ signs, or activities that prevent parking)
  • The student must stay on the side of the road, away from traffic and 10 feet ahead of the bus so that they can see the driver’s face.
  • If there is no danger, the bus assistant must cross the road quickly with the student.
  • Under no circumstances must the road be approached if there is danger in sight.
  1. Once off the bus, the bus assistant must make sure that the student enters the home and is handed over to a designated adult who is to collect the children. Students must not be left to go home by themselves unless the parents have signed a pre-arrangement form which indicates this.